Cleveland doesn’t let me down

Chad at Dew Tour

Freimuth at Dew TourDennis McCoy invited me back this year to judge the Dew Tour in Cleveland. Couldn’t pass this up seeing as I stayed with new judge [Dave Freimuth], always a good time. With judging I also wanted to ride the new Chenga 57 and Rays mountain bike park. So I needed to get a car.

Mustang burnout!

Check that burnt rubberCalled the hotel and get a rental car guy, give him my info to get a rate and he freaks out. Couldn’t believe it was [Chad DeGroot]. Long story short he hooks up an insane deal and upgrades me. When he pulls the car up i’s a black Mustang. Not exactly bike traveling friendly, but I wasn’t complaining.

pinkNever had a muscle car to peel out in, only minivans. This car would peel out everywhere, didn’t even need a wet street. He also had me sign an old Skyway street beat that he painted hot pink (see pic). We road Rays twice—thanks Ray. Managed to find Chenga and it was insane. Awesome bowl and the rest of the park was way to fun. Went out to Panini’s every night and they hooked it up, ridaz working there, holla.

trunkmeatChad and Brianbikeparty pics

The whole week was fun as hell, layed some blackies (check the pic) road a whole bunch, judged and had the best seat in the house for Dew Tour, saw Chase Gouin ride flat, and wall road the Rock n Roll hall of fame glass windows. Sorry for all the party pics, cleveland breeds this. Video is coming soon….

party picsparty picsparty picsparty picsparty pics

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