Chad in Wisconsin

At Lake Owen camp
Lake OwenMike Hinkins works at Lake Owen camp in northwest Wisconsin. Seems like the state wouldn’t be far to drive across, well it is. The trip started by flying into Chicago, cheap ticket. [Brian Kachinsky] picked me up, rode some street with [Karl Poynter], shot some photos, witnessed KP almost die from a door opening too quick while we were biking down the street…wow. He used one of his nine lives for sure.

BK did some crazy gap over a fence, was hopping chains, and riding downtown Chicago like he owned it. I use to live there for a year, then Florida became my home…still a sweet city. We drove up to Appleton to pick up [Dave Freimuth] and head out. 9 hours later we arrive at Lake Owen, so hard to find up north in da woods. Hinkins was still up and greeted us, we laughed for awhile then went to bed.

Fishing...Staying in bunks at the camp is crazy. In the morning everyone is farting and rummaging around. Next time I have to make sure and bring a towel, drip drying sucks, and athletes foot isn’t too cool either. We rode for two days, weather was awesome. Andy Kent met us up there to ride and do some fishing…although I think Dave caught all the fish. With the camp being on the lake, why not lake jump…so sketchy, check the pic, the hole was huge in the face of the ramp. They didn’t care, game on.

Chad can can in WausuaCamp ended the next day so we were off. Stopped by a university and BK did some rail tricks right out of the van. Rode a skatepark in Wausau that was sweet. Good hip and fast lines. Funny that they welded the coping for some reason, it was ribbed. I was grinding it and laughing so hard. Then the locals said there is no pegs there, for good reason. Thanks to Freimuth and his van for making the trip, BK for doing rail stunts, Andy for being a fisherman, Hinkins and Lake Owen camp, ribbed coping, and Andy’s fireworks….
welded coping in WausauCdwood

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