Chad at Woodward East

Working at Woodward was sweet, yet long. Its been over three years since I visited and 5 years since I taught at camp. This year I had no reason to go except to ride some amazing ramps in the middle of nowhere. Camp was very empty due to the Portland Dew Tour. It was also the last week of camp so there were only 40 or so campers biking. Guess the week earlier there were hundreds.

Glad to see that camp is doing so well, specially BMX. They put me up at the lodge where I was more than happy to spent my five days with skater Mike Frazier. Being in the lodge was sweet cause then I didn’t have to make the trek up the hill more than I needed to. Surprises were running into Ron Kimler and his family. I also had the pleasure of staying with Nate Wessel in his new house and seeing his new daughter.

BikeWoodwardveggie vantowerway up there
The trip was sweet but not before the Credence dudes wanted to climb the tower with Ryan Herbach. It is high as hell and shaky all the way up. Sweet party spot for sure. Thanks to Gary at Woodward, Nate, Ron and family, Chuck for letting me in, all the campers this week, and Clint and his veggie van for the lift up the mountain. Ohh ya, thanks to the bear and porcupine for crossing our path.

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