Going Green?

If you have ever ridden a scooter you know how fun they are… till you crash one. The first week I picked up this beauty, laid it down and it almost slid into a truck. My cell phone was in the middle of the road, backpack full of camera gear was untouched (lucky), and my leg and arms were beat up and slowly oozing blood.

That sucked so bad, but the worst part was I had an audience. Don’t look cool what so ever when your skin and hair are all over the road. I wear a helmet now and try to be careful. Guess welding a bike rack on the back might not increase my chances of being sketchy on the roads, but oh well. This is how it’s gonna be. Finding spots has never been more fun, fast, and easy. 80 MPG, beat that sucka… If you see me around, stay outta my way.

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