Dan checks in after 6 weeks of going crazy

So the last 6 weeks have been some of the most busy of my entire life. Every Summer I expect things to get busy but it always seems to exceed my expectations. Not complaining one bit. My lady and I started in Greenville on June 18th and drove up to Baltimore for the first Dew Tour. I was pre qualified so fortunately did not have to worry about riding OQ.

The contest was OK… I rode well in practice but in my runs I managed to slide out and ended up not doing so well. Oh well, I was pumped overall on the weekend. From there we went to NYC. I had never been there before and it was beyond amazing. Morgen (my lady) has family friends who live on Central Park on the 14th floor. Super nice place and not only that… but they have an separate guest apartment on the 10th floor that we were treated to for our entire stay. Activities included a mountain bike ride around the entire lower Manhattan, MET and Natural History Museums, a Broadway play (Spamalot) and just general tourist stuff around times square. It was a real good time and I look forward to going back sometime soon.

From NYC we drove over to Woodward where I rode a bit and did some of the ropes course. [Catfish] showed up and it was a good couple of days. Nothing too wild but fun for sure. Left camp and drove over to Pittsburgh for the big South Park BMX race. Moliterno and the SBC race team were there and we camped out one night with them. Also real fun. Left there and drove straight up to Park Falls, WI. Home of my family and miles and miles of 4 wheeling trails. We enjoyed the summer weather and put hundreds of miles on the ATVs. It was REAL good…. see pictures for proof.

That was around the fourth of July and then after a bit longer there we packed up and made our way back down south to Kenosha, WI for some shows and then eventually over to Ohio Dreams, which is a new Woodward-style place in the middle of Ohio. Real fun place and lots of things to do. Thanks Chris for the hook up. Rode there for a couple of days and then trekked up to Cleveland for the second stop of the Dew Tour. Since I did not do so well in Baltimore I had to ride OQ this time around and that was beyond stressful. Riding in the morning/afternoon heat is never fun… and I had to do it for 3 straight days. Wednesday was practice and it went OK aside from the heat. Thursday was the OQ contest and that actually went real well. I qualified 6th out of the 51 guys riding so I was quite happy with myself.

After OQ I drove down to Columbus to do a Dew Tour promo show and I think that was my biggest mistake. Just a little bit more heat and riding drained all my energy. Didn’t get back to the hotel until 12 that night and had to get up early for prelims the next day. So woke up the next day feeling rather exhausted but went and rode practice anyway. It went OK but then by the time my runs rolled around I was spent. I got through them for the most part but then messed up my big points trick at the end. Oh well… still was an awesome week and I’m glad I was there. Currently I’m waiting on the word to see if I’m invited to the rest of them so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

After Dew Tour we made the 12 hour drive home to Greenville and I got to hang out for 3 days. Then I got back in the car, drove back to Ohio and met up with some friends who are doing shows at Cedar Point all summer. That was a treat… watching shows and hanging out with all those guys… [Adam Banton], Alex Johann, Josh Betley and Jaren Grob… always a treat. Left there and then made my way here to Wisconsin and did a show for Woody Itson in some po dunk little town. Then to pass some time I drove back up to my dad’s place and hung out for a few days before the state fair starts here in Milwaukee, which is where I finally am as I type this.

Next up, fair shows with Rob Nolli through the 11th of August. If you are anywhere in the Milwaukee area then get up with me and let’s hang out! Sorry if that all sounded so jumbled…. a lot of events to condense down into something even remotely worth reading. Hope all is well out there…. I am gonna go and ride 4 Seasons hopefully.

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