Chad in Wisconsin, Brett Favre?

Chad riding a full pipe

Each year I try to make a trip back to Wisconsin, Green Bay in fact, where I was raised. This year was mainly to see my parents and my brother. But it’s hard not to meet up with [Dave Freimuth] seeing as he is so close. Every year I go back I don’t really ride all the old childhood spots that I grew up on. This year I made it a point to ride a few hours a day and actually found a ton of new places. Here are some pics, but the real show will be coming soon, working on a Profile web edit that should be out in a month…stay tuned to

Chad goes to WisconsinChad goes to WisconsinChad riding some A/C unitsDave FreimuthAndy Kent and Dave lighting fireworks

The pic of the a/c units was a random spot I found one day. The bank up to it is loaded with weeds, but it pops perfectly. There was a guy next door that came out and had the look of “I am gonna fight you”. I actually was ready to raise my fists. He must have had a bad day with his crap job towing cars; I just stared at him, flinched him and it was over. Was able to get more than a few clips here. Hope all is well in BMX land and go Brett Favre, Packers vs Jets for the Superbowl.

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