C Fizzy updatin’ can cans, Dew tour, Xgames

Grandpa got a package today from Florida and a bunch of new UGP gear was in it. So stoked!!! I put on a new shirt and promptly went out to Momentum (DK’s indoor bike park) and ate shit. Who needs coffee when you are bleeding at 9am? I am heading out to Portland, Oregon for stop #3 of the AST Dew Tour.

[Dave Freimuth] will be out there judging and I’m sure showing the Dew ridaz what pegs are as none of those knuckleheads run pegs. (INSERT SOAPBOX SPEECH HERE:) Hey kids!!!! A bike without pegs is a race bike. Put some pegs on and learn something. Speaking of pegs…DO SOMETHING WITH THOSE BIKES!!!! IF I SEE ONE MORE FLAT BLACK BIKE I AM GOING TO SNAP!! I PAINTED MY BIKE IN PROTEST OF THE BORING BIKES IN BMX (STEPS DOWN FROM SOAPBOX)

Aside from that…I’ve been chilling for 6 days since getting home from the X-mess. BK rode awesome and ended up in 4th in BMX street. I got yelled at by a lot of security guards and I publicly humilated a few as well. After the gaymes I hit up San Diego for a week to ride and shoot photos for DK, snorkle, and get my sweet sweet surf on. It was a nice little vacation. Here are some pics. See you crazy kids in Portland.

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