UGP in Iraq

Charley BatteryMy mother in-law became buddies with a soldier in Iraq a few weeks ago. Turns out he rides and misses everything about riding. He does have internet, guns, tanks, and a camera. But it doesn’t help his need to be back on his bike. She passed on his contact info to me and we have been chatting a bit online. We decided to send him a care package and asked if he could take a pic with a sticker or banner. Check out the pics. He also had this to say:

UGP in Iraq“Hey I hope these pictures come out OK. I’ve never e-mailed pics before, but if he wants anything like Hummvees, EMRAAPs (a pretty bomb-proof vehicle with all kinds of armor) or 7 tons (also a really big truck with six wheels and armor) or just anything specific just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

UGP in IraqNormally I can get a hold of most any truck because I have a license for most of them. But if I don’t I know somebody who does. Like I said, just let me know. Oh, by the way, I just received one of your packages. I love the CDs, DVDs, and well, everything. I just wanted to say thank you, Chad and your kids for everything you’re doing for me. I very much appreciate it all. So again, thank you!

Also guess what? I’ve been promoted to Corporal on the first. I was so happy, mainly because I’ve been waiting for this for so long. But, anyways, thank you again, and by the way, happy 4th of July!”

UGP in Iraq

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