Mulville interview

Mark Mulville

Name: Mark Mulville
Age: 23
Height, Weight, Stance: 5′6″, 135 lb, goofy footed
Years Pro: 5
Hometown? Bethlehem, Connecticut
Current residence? Casselberry, FL
Married?/Kids? none and none

Clothes Sponsor: Underground Products
Shoe Sponsor: Duffs shoes
Bike Sponsor: Profile Racing
Drink Sponsor: Steaz Organic Energy
Other Sponsors:, Mesh Skatepark, Sun Ringle rims, ODI grips

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Mark Mulville


We like to include at least two achievements in your introduction?
Getting the cover of RideBMX magazine
Pro 2nd place 3 years in a row at Baco Jam
What are 3 Topics that you would most like to discuss and why?
Traveling, because sometimes you end up in the most unexpected situations, and being a BMXer you can go to almost any place and meet another BMXer and have a place to stay, you never know what’s next.
Sponsors, ’cause they take me on the travels and helped me out in BMX and my life.
My parents and friends, they have all done so much for me in my life and I would not be where I am today without all of them.

Mark Mulville


So, what’s new? What’s your big news this month?
For 2008 I just got a few new sponsors such as UnderGroundProducts,, and Steaz Organic Energy.


How do you fit into your sport? (Films or Contest?)
I’m not crazy about filming or contests but when they involve a lot of good friends I like doing both.

Latest contest finish you’d like to discuss? Placement?
2nd place pro in Baco Jam, it’s a pretty big contest that goes on every year in Orlando FL (one of those contests that is known for being fun) and it’s not just about doing every big trick known to man which is also fun.

What’s the contest or event you’re looking forward to attending next?
The “rebel jam” in Berlin, Germany

Who’s your biggest influence getting you started?
I have a lot. As far as starting to ride, it was my brother Brian and my favorite pro rider Brandon Pundia, and now it’s just all my friends that I ride with on a day to day basis.

Is there a single event responsible for you going Pro? Or, what got you your start in your sport?
I’m not totally sure. I know my first pro contest was a DK dirt circuit in Orlando, when I was 15 I think. My parents drove me 3 hours from where I lived at the time to ride in amateur, but they had no am so I ended up riding pro and doing pretty good.

Mark Mulville


What was your first and how did you land it?

My first full section in a video was Transylvania, my friend decided to make a BMX video and asked me to be in it and it ended being a big video.

Favorite (most talked about) film part? And why?
To tell you the truth I don’t know. Maybe the “profile outlet” section.

Most recent or upcoming film part and details?
My most recent was in Welcome to Pittsburgh #2 and next is another Welcome to Pittsburgh which will be part 3. The Welcome to Pittsburgh videos just bring an older and more chill feel to BMX videos which is good to me.

Mark Mulville


What are the 2 biggest events of your career and your thoughts on why each was so memorable?
I would say the “backyard jam” in Brighton, England. One, ’cause it was my first time overseas, and two, ’cause I was I think 2 spots from making the finals and just not expecting it at all.

Binghamton, NY’s “la revolution” contest. It was my first real big contest that I made the finals in, I think in 2003.

What excites you most about your sport right now? (EG: Events, Direction of sport? New Techniques, Parks, Contests, Riders to watch?)
Too many things. Just the feeling of riding itself excites me most, and going new places is for sure an amazing feeling too.

Mark Mulville doing karaoke


Just about every athlete picks up a hobby on the road, some have even turned theirs into gold records and TV shows. Which hobbies have you picked up?

I have been way into surfing lately. We have a few good spots not far from me.

Painting has been a big part of my life for a while too; I just get random ideas into my head from trips and other things so I paint them and i love it.

Being in BMX, I have met a lot of photographers and they have rubbed off on me. I don’t have a camera but any chance I get, I grab other people’s cameras and take a few shots.

Funny story: (We all have one) Pretend you’re trying to impress a crowd with your funny stories/ experiences; which one do you whip out that always gets a smile?
Everyone seems to think it’s funny when I tell them I got a hole in one golfing when I was 10 years old. I used to golf all the time and taught myself how to do it. After getting a hole in one I stopped playing and starting riding dirt bikes.

What movie do you have to have on DVD? Braveheart

What’s on your play list right now?
Jonathan Richman, Snowden, Belle and Sebastian, VHS or Beta, and a lot more….

What would we be most surprised to learn about you?
It’s kind of a weird one, but my mom’s side of the family was part of the most famous family feuds in America known as the “Hatfields and McCoys”. My mom’s maiden name is Hatfield and is related to the original family involved, which means I am too. There are movies and used to be a cartoon, some books too.

Everyone is an expert at something. What’s your specialty?
Ha, I would say dancing and making up my own meals to cook.

What’s your hugest pet peeve?
the term “pet peeve”

Another sport you would like to master?


Please take a moment to give us two good pieces of trivia about your career. (e.g. first contest win, obscure film part, or any random career related question that the average person won’t know. Go ahead, dig in the archives for this one)
The first injury I had when I started riding BMX was a ruptured kidney when I was about 15; I was in the hospital for days.

When I was I think 14 I entered my first BMX contest in beginner and won and then entered the UGP roots jam in 15-and-under and won that too.

Mark Mulville doing karaoke

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