Kyle hangs out at Fuel TV

Just got back from California – makes me realize how much the humidity here sucks. I had the opportunity to film an episode of the Daily Habit. The musical guest was Tilly And The Wall, and they put on an awesome live performance. TJ Lavin was also in the studio filming his episode. I gave him my business card, and told him to holla at me when he’s in Orlando and wants to wakeskate… kind of a big deal.

My episode airs next Wednesday, July 23rd, at 9:00pm EST and 12:00am EST. After that it reruns at 2:30pm EST and 5:30pm EST the next day. Melissa and I hung out on the west coast for a few days so we got the chance to really take everything in. We also sat in the emergency rows to and from California so we had ample leg room. Thanks Delta and Priceline!

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