Chad’s New Orleans family reunion

Family is pretty big now that I have started one. Family reunions are sweet as far as I can remember. All the kids ran crazy and gave parents heart attacks. Kind of weird that I haven’t been to one on my side of the family since I was little. My wife’s side hasn’t had one in more than 20-some years. It’s kind of weird hanging out with family you don’t know or know much about due to the years that have passed.

So this day was a little slow and weird, but everyone wore name tags. They had your name and how you fit into the family. This was sweet and made the day easier for sure. People change, families grow, some lose touch, but everyone is tied together with family in mind.

Some highs and lows of the weekend were:

Meeting all the grandparents and seeing old pics of everyone

Cooper and the grandparents

Keep reading for a lot of pics…

Showing off our new boy Cooper

Coop\'s place

Eating good southern food

New Orleans festivals, Café Du monde coffee, hurricanes (the drink)

festival leftovers

Jackson square where I married and my family started

Jackson Square

Being in the background of a movie being filmed on Bourbon St.

On the set of a movie being filmed

Rain, hard rain sucks


Teething and tonsillitis


The inventor of the pavillion, Williams Pavillion (joke, check the pic)

Dickie Williams

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