Catfizzle update and the grandpa grind

Grandpa has been nonstop for the last couple of weeks. Wrapped up Dew Tour in ghetto ass Baltimore. Baby [James Foster] played a funny joke on me by turning my forks and bars upside down. He’s got payback headed his way at Cleveland. The contest was awesome in addition to hanging with all the UGP fam that were there. I am sitting in an airport now headed for London, England to do some demos with Jamie Bestwick and film for MTV Europe. We also have backstage passes to Jay-Z!!! It should be wild.

We are attempting to charter a jet to fly us over to Cologne, Germany Saturday night for the BMX Masters. We will see. In the meantime I have been putting in some work on the hog as well. The DK BMX park is up and running and it is incredible. I have been riding a ton. I also fired out a new one for the kids. I call it the grandpa grind. Enjoy and see you soon.

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