Aaron visits Pittsburg for the day

Aaron BehnkeLast week I went to Pittsburgh to meet up with [Chad DeGroot] and [Mark Mulville] to check out some spots and ride. I had not been out of town for a while so riding a few different spot was welcomed. Most of the day was spent riding a few hours or so at a few separate spots. A long session at MLK that left a few of our crew snoozing in the shade.

The next spot was some small banks and a lot of debris that left chad with an instant flat and a two mile walk. Then had another sweet session by the river once again putting a few to sleep. Can’t take the heat? Even had a few characters drop in on our session to film their rap video. Bizarre and entertaining. Funny when the “thugs” are scared to go near the water. Anyway, Mulville knows how to rock the karaoke microphone and Bryce has some sweet style. Yeah, I didn’t take a single picture to share.

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