4 Days in Pittsburgh

Four days in Pittsburgh isn’t enough

Chad DeGroot

Weather: sweet chill 4-day escape, cool nights and perfect day (Florida is ablaze now)

Pirates: 0-0 baseball games are crap, Packers could play better baseball

Heinz: I love you ketchup, I will never stray. Home of the “57″s

Jeff’s G-ma: although she is in a nursing home, she let us all stay in her cuddly little pad. Good place to lay my head. Thanks Jeff and the whole family. You all have great hair….

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Boots or kickers: Bryce decided to do truck drivers in cowboy boots, and after trying them on; they are nice to your feet and made karaoke sound better.

Incline: Being a tourist when there is time on road trips is awesome. The incline brought us to the best view of Pittsburgh at sunset

40 oz: good to see these again. Sessioned a few, PBR of course. Florida has a version that is 8 oz. shy, we call them Florities. They just don’t measure up to a true forty.

Scenic Mt. Washington: Shot photos of Daddy Behnke. Thanks Mt. you look great.

Coleslaw or “Slaw”: This crap scares me for some reason. They chuck a pile on your sandwich with fries. No one has a mouth that big, won’t fit. I scraped it all off, but gave it a shot and liked it. Sorry I doubted you “Slaw”.

Karaoke: 3 nights in Pittsburgh, 2 nights devoted to the underrated art of singing how you think songs should be sung. Off key, drunk, and with all your friends as backup. Here are some suggestions: Poison, Elton John, Steely Dan, Motley Crew, Duran Duran.

Chad DeGroot

Giant Eagle: This was the nicest grocery store partially cause they had samples every 10ft. and the employees are not quite there. We were waiting for ten minutes for a piece of Yuengling-marinated meat due to the meat man telling us how to WOW a girl: “Give her all your meat”, “marinade yer meat”, “don’t be cheap, buy good meat”. There was more but it turned “R” rated. He also thought we were a band. Mark the singer, Bobby on bass, Potozny dancer, Jeff drums, Bill roadie, Bryce guitar, me cowbell (more cowbell, everyone needs cowbell).

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