Tony Makes Treasure Island

What’s up news? I been digging at this spot I used to ride when I was a little guy on a 16 inch. Been putting in a lot of hours there trying to make them better than they ever were. Past couple weeks have been nothing but digging all day, hitting concrete parks with lights once it’s dark. Then getting loose till I do it all over again.

Treasure Island

I’m no longer riding for Sputnic and I got a DK Kachinsky through the man himself. It’s Noice! Here are some pics from Treasure Island. We call them that because we dig up something new everyday. Slingshots, horse shoes, all kind of old junk. Hopefully once they are running fully I will make a little web vid. Ridaz ride. Keep ridin.

Treasure IslandTreasure IslandTreasure IslandTreasure Island

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