Ohio Flat contest

Brian Rybak had this to say: “Running into old riding friends happens more and more these days. A few months ago I was at Frostbike in Minneapolis and believe it or not, but Chewbacca (Brian Rybak) was there.

“My friend Brian, who is a wookie, was putting together a flat comp in Ohio. Wookies are like those cave-men in the GEICO commercials, they get made fun of, laughed at, and people make noises at them. I know I do, it’s fun, give it a try. Between making noises at each other, UGP and myself decided to help out and give back to a side of the sport that gets over-looked more and more.

“The video is a little too much techno for my taste, but my feet were tapping to the beat. My wife came in and thought I was on acid. Anyway, this is what Brian had this to say: ‘GRRRRRRR GRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRG’ (that’s Wookie talk). This was put together by Lachlan, Brandon, and Prasheel from Ontario. It focuses mainly on the Finals in the Pro class and a few practice clips. Runs about 9 mins. Thanks to everyone that helped out, rode, and watched. The riders and spectators were all very stoked”

Here is a link to check out the comp and while you’re at it, check out www.global-flat.com.

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