Nike 6.0’s Raging Pull

A couple weeks ago, Nike 6.0 put together what has gone down as the first fun rail jam in the history of wakeskating. Held at Ben Horan’s mother’s house in BFE Nahunta, Georgia, a long starting pool, a mellow stair set, two nice hubba ledges, and a matching landing pool was built and is there to stay for Ben and his friends to enjoy. With the pressure of out-tricking everyone for a podium finish thrown out the window, the rail jam attendees enjoyed a weekend full of good times and rising progression – not to mention the fact that everyone camped out on the Horan’s property. Rad! Melissa, Juno, Bryan Soderlind, and myself drove over three hours to get there, but was well worth the venture. Bryan, Josh Letchworth, and a slew of upcoming photographers were there to capture the trickery so keep an eye out for some nice shots in future issues of magazines.

PS, everyone loves my Mondrian Doyle II’s.

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