Marlowe from Love Hate Choppers

Just recently I was invited to attend Career Day at Indian Ridge Middle School in Davie, FL. It was so much fun! I love giving back to our future and letting them know that there are more choices than the standard jobs you see on a day like this. Needless to say I was a hit with the kids. I spoke to them about my pro BMX career and the importance of representing the companies that sponsor you, Like Failure Bikes, UGP and Snafu, as well as about my super bike career. And I emphasized the knowledge I received in college as a designer for building and designing custom motorcycles as well as parts and accessories. I want to thank all the kids that sent me thank you letters. I’m planning to do a tour next year and hit a couple of school next year for career day so look out all you Doctor, Lawyers and Cops. BMX and Choppers are hitting your Schools!


Marlowe B.


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