KFC, er, BK in China

Hey Everyone! It’s been a bit since I checked in but that doesn’t mean it’s been dull—actually the opposite. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to China for a week with DK ([Catfish], Brian Hunt and myself) to do some demos and street riding. I wish I could write every story and amazing/funny/crazy thing we saw/did in that week’s time but if I did it would be longer than a Steven King novel.

Brian goes to China

So, for the sake of all involved I will give you some pics to check out. Thanks Labici, DK and everyone we rode with; this might be the highlight of my passport and definitely my year so far! (minus stitches in the eye.. with no anesthetic again!) Oh well, a couple days with a shiner and a cool scar never hurt anyone.


Summer is here and that means lots o riding/roadtrips/BBQs/swimming/goodtimes/etc. I actually got a jump start on the roadtrips last weekend and went to Iowa with [Tony Malouf] and company. The Davenport street is plentiful and the park has lights 24/7. Go there, you won’t be disappointed.

Brian in Chinanot appealingCheck that architectureSurgerybike

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