Karl’s England Trip

I was recently on in Brighton, England for the Brighton Ain’t Ready project presented by Seventie’s Distribution. This was my first time in England and I must say it was good. The weather turned out to be not your typical England weather. The sun was shining for the majority of time I spent there. My time in England consisted of a lot of filming, taking photos, ping pong, avoiding getting hit by cars due to me not being used to cars driving on the opposite side of the roads, and good times.

Downtown Brighton

Seventie’s are releasing a video from this project which will include 30 some riders that had spent time there within in the 6 month time period. So look for that in the coming months. For more, check out www.brightonaintready.com. Here are a few photos from my trip.

Karl in EnglandKarl at the beach (in England)Karl slide

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