If you’re in Milwaukee, stop by SummerFest

Quinn SemlingI just got back from Dew Tour in Baltimore and it was a really good time. I didn’t make it in to the real contest but I was pretty close. I was the last rider to go in the open qualifier, after my first run I was in the 11th spot and they take 11. But I got knocked out of the 11th spot.

I needed to just make up one and a half points. I planned on changing my second run to make up a few points but ended up sliding out a the box doing a barrel roll turndown first trick but I turned around and pulled it. I ended up i think in 14th but I can still make up for the points lost in Cleveland so that’s what I plan on doing.

I am leaving for Milwaukee to go do shows at the world’s largest music fest called SummerFest this week. It’s going to be awesome since I haven’t gotten to go home for awhile. Then I will be coming home 2 weeks before Cleveland Dew Tour.

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