Foster doing top-secret stuff (+new trick)

So I was in Guadalajara for a week for Elevation as you know, I got 8th place. Very good times, first time in Mexico for me, it really fun, Great times. The party at the end was at a club at the top of a 25 story skyscraper… it was nuts.

After that, I flew to Karlsruhe, Germany for a week to do some top secret KHE stuff that I’ll be able to reveal at a later date. Other than that, we shot some photos, and just had a good time in Germany, my first time there as well. I loved it, other than the fact that German food didn’t agree with my stomach.

Next I’m flying to Joplin, MO to the Autumn Ramp Park, to do some PR stuff for the Dew Tour, and judge the Free Flow Tour. I’m pretty excited for that, just because that’s pretty much my favorite skatepark ever, and all the people there are really cool. It’s going to be the first time judging for me, but I’m psyched, I’m going to try and be very fair and unbiased, should be fun.

Other than all that, I’ve just been riding a ton here in Greenville, having a lot of fun and doing some new stuff. Among the new things I’ve been trying and doing, I pulled my first double flip the other day. It was terrifying, but I’m ecstatic that I pulled it. Didn’t get it on video the first time, but I did it again the other night, and got it on video:

Untitled from josh perry on Vimeo.

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