Chad updates his page, check it

I started with my page on Go211 about a year ago. My page has grown a ton, with ads, posts, new videos, and blogs of what is happening with my day to day life. Check it out when you get a chance, I just added a ton of new photo albums and video.

June is insane for me. Will be traveling a ton. So I will have more than a few web videos dropping early July. New updates are added each week and here is a photo of what I have been up to.

Chad DeGroot

“This photo kinda scared the hell out of me. When I found this spot, it hadn’t rained in awhile. The day I went to get this photo, it was full of green mucky water. I planned on taking a dip if things went bad. End result, double tire road this 10 inch wide ledge and steered off to the right only to hit a bit of mud…Way better than getting some disease…”

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