Highdee ho everybody! Grandpa is chilling in Ohio doing work! For starters longtime UGP supporter and all around awesome dude Mark Hilson is at DK building our new bike park. It is seriously insane. So big. So fun. So many lines. The last week has been spent sweating and building ramps. It’s been some long hours but as you all’s worth it. I’ll have some pics up really soon.

[Brian Kachinsky] was in town as well..getting busy riding, and working the screw gun. I am off to NYC to watch Kevin Robinson break the world record for air. I get home for a day and drive out to Baltimore for the first stop of the Dew Tour. Then summer officially starts..lots of bike riding, yelling, and most important good times. See all you in B-More. Here are two random pics I had on my computer. One is a beast that I can’t explain and the other is a llama or something. Go UGP!!!!!!

Grandpa CatfishLlama?

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