BK, Chuck Norris, Football, and the Mayor of Chicago!!!

Summer is well underway and that probably explains why I’m sweating and exhausted while I type this! The last couple weeks have been spent in the Midwest. I went to Iowa and rode street, pretty amazing stuff out there. We shot an article with Kosman, should be sweet.

BK Touchdown

After that I was home for bit riding street and the cement parks around Chicago as well as taking day trips up to Milwaukee to ride street and 4 seasons. The new Civic is already racking up the miles! The suburb parks around Chicago aren’t bad either, some of those have been getting sessioned and some end up sessioning me. Yesterday was Madison for street, always a treat going there. Jeff K met up with me along with Hinkens, Hoerres, Grant and Jon. It’s crazy how much new stuff they’ve built there recently. We also rode some other good spots I didn’t know about before some old and some new construction.

More on BK and another pic…

Speaking of miles. Last week I went to Ohio to visit DK, catch up with them and help build their new warehouse ramps. Myself, [Catfish], Hilson and and almost everyone at DK carries some wood, pounded some nails, cut some boards, or got us drinks. The team effort will soon pay off, keep checking DK’s site for progress.

Also did a show with DK for the Mayor of Chicago: Mayor Daley. It was on the street right in the middle of downtown, supposedly its to promote “ride your bike to work day”. Next, I’m doing Dew Tour in Baltimore. Baltimore is a wild city and I’m sure the contest will be as well. Perhaps I’ll get on the Raven’s field and score another touchdown again!

During my downtime I’ve been doing some pretty serious reading…and I mean REALLY serious. (see pic below):

Chuck Norris book

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