Update from ToeJam

The 2008 season is under way once again opened by the first tournament of the year, Toe Jam. Toe Jam has kicked off the wake season for the past five years with its April 20 start date it’s also the man behind it all’s birthday Mr. Scott Byerly. Just like years passed Toe Jam has exceeded itself in the progression of the sport of wakeskating. New never before seen tricks went down, new up and coming talented riders showed themselves to the world, and of course the best riders from years passed showed up for a shot at Toe Jam victory.

Ryan Doyle at ToeJam

Toe Jam for me has always been about the “show”. I love seeing the best wakeskaters on the planet all in one place riding together pushing eac hother to new heights. The first day was so much fun, 50+ riders show up at the Projects in Bithlo, FL set to do battle on the rail park. There where 8 heats of 6-7, top 2 qualify to make up the 16 riders that would be competing over the next two days. I got an early heat and rode well, qualifying into the tournament. With a huge smile on my face I sat and watched the rest of the heats of the day. The level of riding has never been higher. I love watching all the different styles and seeing where each rider goes on the course to edge out the completion.

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Day two was a bit of a blur. I knew I wouldn’t have much of an impact on the wake part of the tournament so I spent the day getting wrapped up in the party side of Toe Jam, which is really easy since everybody there is down to have a good time. Outdoor beer pong was where everything went blurry. It’s a good thing the tables faced the water so I could watch Grubby and Nicks killer lines, Reed’s mind-blowing heel side Indy finger flip, and Steve Campbell throw down one of the best all around boat runs ever. Flats, Lip, Wake, he killed it all.

Ryan Doyle at ToeJam

Day three we were back over at the rail park for the final day of the Toe Jam tour opener. We all drew names to see witch one of the 16 we would go head to head with. I drew Grubb and was first off the dock in our heat. I really only had desire to do one trick. Backboard 270 shuv to back lip over the UGP aframe. I’ve had this trick in my head for a while and had stuck it a month earlier when I was visiting the Projects. I ended up hitting it on my second try and that made my whole weekend.

Congrats to Nick Taylor who edged out Clint Tompkins for the win. Thanks to everyone who came out and threw down, and to everyone that came out to support. See you all at the second stop in Texas, June 12 to 14. If you’re down to hear more about Toe Jam stop #1 check out Alliance Wake.

Skate Straight… Ryan.

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