UGP in Switzerland?!

Patrick in Switzerland

By now, everyone in the wake community knows of the winch. Winches allow wakeskaters and wakeboarders the ability to session any small body of water- without a boat, jetski, or cable.

Patrick, from NeverRide, has received some new UGP gear and is proudly sporting it throughout the fjords of Switzerland. Be on the lookout for BIG things from the Swiss this year!! One in particular is their new fully-hydraulic winch- The X-Hive.

NeverRide already has the nicest, most well-built, well thoughtout, bestest winch of all winches, The Hive. The HIVE has been pulling contests all over Eurpoe, such as the Nokia FISE events. The Hive is built with the precision of a Swiss clock, and the X-Hive is following suit. This new winch is fully hydraulic and has no chain and no belt.

Make sure to visit and to learn more about their new winch and how Patrick is holding it down for UGP up in the Alps!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention they now have some Bi-Level wakeskates in the works!! They look like they are made as well as their winches! If you have the means, I highly recommend checking one out for yourself!

First Ride X-HIVE La Defense Patrick with the Bi-Lev Patrick from NeverRide Evening session in le Swiss Evening session in le Swiss Evening session in le Swiss

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