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Malouf wrapped in bubble wrapI was in Davenport Iowa last weekend for a Jam at the Concrete park they have there. It was awesome. That park is amazing. The weather wasn’t so good. It was windy as hell and you would get blown around every time you went over coping. And you couldn’t really carve the bowl to its full potential because the deep end was full of four feet of water. Everyone had a real good time regardless.

Tony's new frameI did trains all day with Drew York and there were some make shift wood ramps. There were kids who were trying to carve all the way around the deep bowl without going in the water. They all went in. And even tried it again wet. Miles and I filmed a bunch and will have an edit up sometime with in the week. Next, I leave for a Sputnic trip to Atlanta. I also got a new frame to put together. Things are sick… I’ll have a UGP web video soon. Here are some pictures.

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