Schmidt Update – The traveling season starts with a trip to LA

A couple weeks ago Ben Greenwood and I participated in a Supra/Moomba dealer event, turned contract signing, turned clinic, turned contest appearance.

We started the trip on Friday morning and headed from Orlando’s hot weather to Salt Lake, Utah for about twenty minutes of brisk mountain air on a layover (that was shocking to the system) and then we headed right back into the scorching heat that just happened to be visiting Southern California that week. From the Airport we headed to the hotel for a quick check in and then immediately headed over to the Dealer Event for the evening.
The dealer event was just a chill evening sipping on margaritas, snacking on taco’s and mingling with boat buyers. I love my job! The day turned to night and the terrible DJ attempted to make the most of a team rider signing but I think he had to many margaritas. Ben, myself and one of the owners of Skier’s Chooice (Supra/Moomba), Rink Tinker, along with Michael Littman and Natalie Carrera (Marketing Directors) all gathered around to sign the Valdez brothers to the team. These kids rip and Eddie and Jacob are sure to make their mark on the Wakeboarding Industry for years to come.
The next day we headed out to Lake Elsinore for a potential buyers clinic. The downfall was it was a Saturday and Elsinore is a mad house on the weekend. We made the most of the morning and then headed over to the Canyon Lake Contest series to see what was going down. Check out the pics from the trip and look for me at your local Supra/Moomba dealership at some point this year. If you can find me just look for the guy who looks like a walking UGP billboard. Ha, Ha!

Next Stop Austin!

-[Kyle Schmidt]

Salt Lake Layover - BennyGSalt Lake Layover - MeSnow Covered Mountains - Leaving Salt LakeGreat Salt Lake - Leaving Salt LakeWe like to Party…We…We…We Like to Party! - Natalie Carrera and BenMarketing Genius - Michael Littman A.K.A, The silver foxIsland Marine Sales Event - Sports Limited TentWho Me? - BennyGLocal Ripper - Jacob ValdezGood Eats - Josh Cantar, Jason Mendez, Ben, MeCute PoochCute Pooch 02Cute Pooch Under BiteTeam Fun!Momma Valdez and her boysLucky CustomerThe signingThe signing 02Making it official - Jacob ValdezMaking it official - Eddie ValdezMy P.O.P BannerThe big wigsWaitingLake Elsinore ClinicPotential BuyersPacked lakeCanyon Lake ContestBennyG DemoJacob and his Supra lt='Ben Ripping 01' />Ben Ripping 02Going Home

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