Grandpa Catfish update from China

Holy crap. Me, [Brian Kachinsky], and Brian Hunt just got back from a week in China. All i can say is WOW! We had such a good time. China is the new Barcelona. Yeah…I said it. So many wild things went down. We did a couple demos and met up with DK dealers in Shanghai, Hangzhao, and Nanjing. We rode a ton of street with Chinese locals in every city as well.

Shanghai by night

The SMP skatepark in Shanghai is the largest skatepark in the world. We had the chance to ride that place and it is nothing short of amazing. BK fired out a huge icepick grind on what might be the largest skatepark rail ever. He also had the privilege of getting some Chinese stitches. I’m sure he’ll let you know more in an update.

Catfish doing a can can

I’ve got a weeks worth of demos and then I get to be the keynote speaker at a Middle School career day. Scary right? I’ll set those kids straight. When I am done with them, they won’t want to be doctors or lawyers. I’ll have them doing hang-fives in the parking lot. That’s all for now. Get it right. Get it tight. Much love. CF.

Brian Kachinsky and Catfish and Chinese diceCatfish possibly scaring some random babyTwins?

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