Dan Cuts Off His Cast

Dan cutting off his castWhat up dudes? Just checking in with the world of internet kids and letting you know all is going well. I am fresh off my broken foot/dislocated injury and back to riding. It still has a slight sprain to it so it gets sore after walking or riding too long. But other than that it is good. I got my cast off like 2 weeks ago and 3 days later I left to go do some shows out in western NC. Went OK as always.

Dan Sieg demo at a middle school

The shows/trip included but was not limited to: early morning wake ups, 8 am backflips, carpeted gym floors, hot teachers, hotel front desk MILFs, a biker bar, late nights, a middle school guidance counselor and assistant principal out at a Mexican restaurant for drinks, Power Rangers, fake boobs, a “laid back” husband and more. And people say doing shows isn’t all that great! I had an awesome time.

Dan is a Power RangerDan SiegDan Sieg demo at a middle schoolDan cutting off his castBuckets, lots of em

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Back home now and enjoying graduation weekend here at ECU. Parties a plenty and all the girls you can shake a stick at. Next weekend I’m doing a show at some club in Raleigh that is putting on a fashion show. Apparently while the girls are walking the runway we are to be riding in the background. Should be interesting to say the least.

Dan Sieg

Other than that… I have some tentative things lined up but nothing for sure yet. Really trying to get out and do some trips this summer but we will see what all comes about. Dew Tour is soon also! I was fortunate enough to get the last wild card spot which means I am automatically in and again don’t have to worry about riding open qualifier. Can’t even begin to explain how awesome that is because open qualifier is like a pro contest in itself. Those kids are crazy!

Dan's girlfriend with Dan's new cat

Here are some pictures… nothing to spectacular but good enough for now! Until next time. Oh… and P.S. I adopted a kitten! Some might say “why didn’t you get a dog?” but the answer to that is… cats are way less maintenance and my girl loves them. So while I’m gone she can take care of him. He kicks ass either way! Check the pics.

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