Chad’s New Frame and Setup

side view

I put together my new Versa signature frame and its the best I have ever had. Coming in at 4lbs 4oz. It was plain black, then I found some glitter spray at a craft store and gave it some PA-Zazzz. Running the new wake sprocket from Profile, my signature seat, and the Animal foldable tires. It’s getting light for having 4 pegs, 10 brakes, a thousand stickers, glitter, and a coaster.

Casselberry trails jamI have a lot of trips coming up including New Orleans, Pittsburg, Toronto, and Chicago. Hope this bike looks as pretty as it does now by the end of summer; if not, they will be available by then. Also, the seats are limited, but the sprockets are in stock…holla at Profile Racing, UGP, Versa and!

overall viewPurple profile parts look sweet on thisside againMy seat and the sweet Versa back endGlitter son

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