Brian checking in from Brazil

BK arm wrestling

Hello from Brazil. I hope all is well in the US of A. Just wanted to drop a line and say “hi” but I have to make it quick before my time on this computer runs out. Today was qualifying. I placed 14th out of 20…pretty bummed on the placing but did almost everything I wanted to do so I was happy with that despite the placing. The course and format was a bit unusual but all in all i had a good time and came out in one piece. I did however spend all day yesterday and last night on my deathbed with some sort of flu or stomach virus. i think it’s going around though because a couple people are coming down with it today it sounds like.

Needless to say I didn’t think I was going to be getting out of bed today none the less riding but I pulled through and actually felt back to normal once the contest started. I had an interview on ESPN last night, I didn’t see it because I was sick but I heard it was cool and will get a copy of the DVD whenever they send it to me. Talk to you all soon, lots of stories, happenings and pics from this one….

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