Adam holding it down in Utah

iPhonesIt’s been awesome everyday here in Utah—even the days when we get spring snow showers. I got to see Eddie and Skier jay come up on iPhones; yes, I was very jealous. Stew Johnson has been in town for the last week or so and filmed a “Day in the Life” with Beringer. It should be funny. Stew filmed myself a bit for a Vital bike check next month. So keep in eye out for that.

Utah tripTalked about my first Grim Reaper and riding it too, duh. I got a kid to lick a ledge for a back flip.The best part of the week was, well, everyday, hanging out with Stew, Matt and Mike. Which is amazing to watch ride his local cement parks. He got filmed for Stew’s new video, New Anthem? Eddie and Fuzz from 5050 BMX were going up to Park city to check out Skull Candy headphones, I got to ride the baby mini in there offices. Pretty fun set up for inside an office.

Adam BantonAdam Banton in UtahUtah tripCowboy

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