Update from Renee

Renee Jaquess

People always ask who do you ride with, or where do you ride? Up till about 4 months ago, I would always say the Projects. I truly breathed, ate, and slept the Projects. Don’t get me wrong, The Project’s is the place to ride… but now that I reside downtown Orlando a lot of new lakes and opportunities to ride have emerged. It’s almost like I can feel a beginning of a new pattern to ridding.

So WHOM do I ride with? Well, last week my girlfriends, Pro Rider Ashly Becker and Canada’s Pro Rider Annie Cardinal and I rode out in Clermont, Florida. We had some fun making rope swings and seeing who could take the biggest whips into the dock, and doing lazy starts…. Check out the photos.

Renee JaquessRenee JaquessRenee JaquessRenee JaquessRenee Jaquess

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