So long to a good friend

Ty’s 2007 MasterCraft X-1

It is with mixed emotions I say good bye to my 2007 MasterCraft X-1. This boat didn’t have Perfect Pass, which I originally was bummed about. The more I rode behind it, the more I remembered how fun it was to have the “Driver Feel”. Pulling riders was actually fun again because it gave me something to do; a skill to refresh if you will. I had forgotten the actual finesse some boat drivers possess, which truly makes them invaluable. A pour of my frosty brew goes out to you throttle men and women who don’t need electronics to deliver a good pull.

Being at the boat show in Sarasota recently made me even more excited for the May 17th arrival of my new 2008 X-1. As sad as it was to get rid of “Old Red”, I am pumped to see how some new UGP ramp stickers will look on the Baby Blue boat. I will keep y’all posted with pics when it arrives. I would have had some shots for you of the boat show, but someone forgot the batteries to their camera. I realize it was a rookie maneuver, but it has happened to each of us at one point in our lives.

Shred on my Brethren….

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