Pacific Nationals Update

This past weekend, our UGP team definitely gave the rest of the riders a run for their money. Nate Berkheimer and [Matt Pohlkamp] stayed consistently strong all weekend leaving their competitors in the dirt. [Kyle Bennett] won the main taking the 1st place check home on Friday. The race was held at Whittier Narrows BMX Track in South El Monte, CA. It was my first time to California, so I was stoked and we all had a great time.

The NBL made some limited edition posters (thanks Kevin) and we held an autograph signing at the UGP tent Saturday afternoon. Some of us hit Hermosa Beach for a little celebrating—regrets came when we had to be at the track at 730am Sunday morning! Just another great weekend of work I guess. And be sure to check out interviews with Kyle and myself at

Autograph signingAutograph signingAutograph signingAutograph signingKyle Bennett and Nicole from UGPKyle riding the bull

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