LA Update From Mark Mulville

So I got to lax airport in L.A. on Wednesday the 12th and I was super excited. Aaron Bostrom picked me up from the airport at about 4:30 or so and he had 2 surfboards and 2 wetsuits with him so we ended up going right to the beach and surfing my first night there, which was amazing. That same night we went to the new Ride BMX video premier which was also fun but we called it a night slightly early.

For the next few days we rode around long beach a bunch (home of Snoop Dogg) which was pretty fun too, Aaron had some sweet spots that were good to chill at and ride for a good while. Long Beach was fun cause there are a lot of cool dudes that live there so you get to see and hang out with them, people such as Glen PP and Dave Jacobs who are both fun people.

After a few days chillen in the LBC I met up with Jeremy P. to go on a little journey which was fun we ended up at Heath’s Jam at NFL football star Lonnie Paxton’s house, which was awesome and there I got to see and hang out with a ton of friends I don’t see often which was awesome and also met some new friends as well.. not to keep dropping names but Mike Saavedra is a fun one to hang out with for sure him and jarred and the rest of the riverside people are very into making sure your welcomed and having a good time at all times weather its at the skatepark, Mike’s house, or the trails. And let me say the trails are awesome and Mike has done an amazing job with them, thanks Mike….

So moving on from Riverside Jeremy and myself headed out to Woodward west mainly to ride the trails. while on the way we follow the directions on Jeremy’s GPS and it takes us up this road that scaled a mountain cliff and was in some spots hardly wide enough for a car and not to mention it was a dirt road and had whole and ruts in it about 2 feet deep so we had to dodge them as well we got to the top of the mountain which was about as sketchy as it can be, and there’s a locked gate so we had to scale on back down it which was crap as well as on the way up.

After that wild trip which I can’t even think of how to explain how crazy it was. We got back on track and made it to the mountains where Woodward sits. But to our surprise it snowed a ton the night before and the jumps and everything around there was covered in snow, so instead I went sledding a bit and rode the indoor street course. After only about 30 minutes inside riding they announced they are doing a jam contest type thing for the campers that involves 5 campers per team and 1 pro or staff with them, who ever wins the jam gets a pizza party for free so after a few minutes a group of 5 kids came to me and one said “you like pizza?” and I said yeah, then we had a team so we spent the next 20 minutes thinking of runs and lines to do with each other and we did.

After all the teams went and it was our turn we did our thing thinking we did pretty good but not that good. Well turns out we won it and had the pizza party and me and my 5 guys partied it up. So the next 2 days at Woodward were fun and I met a few new people and being my first time there, that was awesome too. Thanks to Ron Kimler for being a good guy and the rest of the Woodward staff. So we left Woodward which was all snowy and cold we drove through the Mojave Desert which was the total opposite of that and pretty cool to see so many different landscapes in one short drive.

Jeremy and I made it back to the LA area and got one more riding session in at these trails in Hollywood, pretty fun and chill jumps and after that it was back to long beach for me and back to hanging with Aaron Bostrom and them. So the trip goes amazing and Aaron and I wake up super early to get me to the airport in time and on the way his truck breaks down and I catch a taxi, but the taxi gets me to the airport a few minutes too late, but regardless I was late and had to rebook. Thinking I would just have to wait for a later flight that day I wait in line to find out that its spring break and there are no flights to Orlando at all for the next week, which wasn’t gonna work, 1. cause I am outta money just about 2. cause I leave for Puerto Rico that same day and would end up missing out on that. So I ended up rebooking a flight to Ft. Lauderdale a few days later and had to wait for a ride back up to Orlando.

The end

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