JoMoPro wrap-up

James in shock he won a Harley DavidsonJoMoPro is done and over. To say it was a crazy weekend would be an understatement. First off I’d like to congratulate [James Foster] for winning best trick. His 360 tailwhip one way and back, thinks he calls it the dishwasher, took the win and a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. James had to get a U-Haul hitch welded to his van and rent a trailer to tow his new ride back to Greenville. You should have seen his face when they announced he won.

James after hours boost ten feet plusThen he started up the Harley and everyone went nuts. Other highlights were [Mark Mulville] flowing the hell out of Autumn skatepark. Mark had the place dialed, but decided to chill out for his run. Can cans and normal trail style gave him 20th place. [Karl Poynter] decided to stay tech as hell on the rail and wedge side of the course. He pulled some sweet lines and did a serious 180 down the wedge to flat.

Free Frostys from Wendy'sHere are some pics from the weekend. My favorite is Wendy from Wendy’s. She really though she was her. Good Halloween costume and free Frostys for everyone. JoMo runs a sweet comp, free food, massages, and more entertainment than one boy can handle. Thanks to to Matt at Profile for letting us set up a booth showing off our new and some old products like the socks and tool bag. Thanks to Joe West for some after-hours riding. Jeremiah for giving us whatever we need. Chuck for being cool as hell and keeping it real with front brakes. To all the riders that came out to a little city where nothing happens, and making BMX history for one cold weekend.

Mark, James, and Karl will be featured in a new web edit out soon. I filmed during runs, after hours, and everything in between. Stay tuned for the mix edit….

JoMoPro 2008
JoMoPro 2008
Photos from our team riders at JoMoPro

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