Brian has huge biceps

Brian's biceps

Shot of ChicagoJust wanted to check-in quick and say hi. I’ve been in Chicago for the past week icing my swollen knee and getting it ready for my trip to Brazil which will include the Brazilian/South American X-games. I’m pretty darn excited about the contest as well as the sights/beach/sun/fun. I’m going start pedaling around very soon with my Cti brace on nice and tight and see what I can do. Even though my knee has been challenging as of late that doesn’t mean there’s a break in the excitement.

wheelRandom things like exclusive TV show Premier events with local celebs, dialing in my bike with brand spakin’ new Proper/DK/Shadow wheels, yoga class, YouTube, and funny texts from [Catfish]/[Chad DeGroot] there still ceases to be a dull moment. More soon!


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