Banton returns from Spain

Adam Banton goes to Spain

Adam Banton getting PUNCHEDJust got back from Barcelona filming for another Brian Purdy film deemed “Free Drinks”. I cashed in on my frequent flier miles and shacked up with Brian Purdy, Rob Wise, and Allan Cooke for the 12 day trip. Allan is so cool that he got a condo and let everybody stay in it.

big ass cameraWe cooked meals which helped with the shitty currency rate. Our guide Jullian was awesome and showed us around pretty much everyday. He is a funny cat, tried to throw a brick at a cop when we got kicked out of a spot. Good thing we only got booted twice of the 12 days or Jullian would have gotten shot, or gotten us shot. Who knows, glad it didn’t happen either way.

Adam Banton goes to SpainThe weather was super nice and being a 10 minute ride to the beach girls were everywhere. We clocked in at least 15 miles day just riding around to the spots and it stay light till 9PM. So everyone was pretty tired by the time we got back to the condo and ate food. With free Wi-Fi, a fresh copy of Lakia’s “Fully Flared” video chilling in the condo with some beverages became a nightly thing.

Adam Banton goes to SpainNot taking one day off on a trip this long got everyone pretty beat towards the end, but watching Allan and Purdy bicker the last day taking the bus and train to the airport had my gut cramped up from laughing non stop. Purdy looked like a walking pile off bags with a head he had so many bags with him, all pretty heavy. And anything that could happen on the way to the airport did. You had to e there to fully appreciate all the crap Allan was giving him. I love it.

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