Tom Loves Cars and 360 Tailwhips

Tom Haugen in ClevelandBeen doing a lot of demos at car shows this winter, most recently in Cleveland last weekend. Surprisingly, they’re a lot fun. The people watching is top notch and there’s always an assortment of BMX characters doing the shows with me. A lot of people probably don’t know that it is very possible I did the first 360 tailwhip. It’s a close call between myself and [Brian Vowell] and it’s very likely we were both doing them at the same time (the early 90’s).

Tom and Scoobie DooThe first time I saw Brian do one on tape was in his Props interview in ‘93 or ‘94. I’m sure he had been doing them long before that, too. I did my first one sometime in ‘92 and recently found some footage of it. I’m pretty sure this is the earliest footage of a 360 tailwhip anywhere: 1992 in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

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