Goggles and Scabs for Dan Sieg

injured!Hey everyone. Checking in again here from Greenville. The weather has been pretty good lately… nothing too crazy nice, but also nothing too crazy bad either. Been riding pretty much every single day and loving every bit of it. About a week ago I got into a little bit of a scuffle with someone and the result was me getting worked over. Long story… I’ll save that for another time. But until then, if you see me… don’t be afraid to ask and I’ll tell you all about it.

As far as traveling is concerned… it’s been pretty mellow. However I did drive up to West Virginia a few days ago to do a show for some kids jubilee thing. Myself, Mike Laird, Lane George, and Keith King left at 1 p.m. on Friday morning to do the simple 8 hour drive there. However, just on the other side of the NC border our truck broke down and that put a 6 hour delay into our trip. We ended up not rolling into WV until about 3 a.m. and we had to be up by 8 the next morning to go set up the ramps and be riding by 11. Oh the life of a show rider!! But show wise… it was actually really good. Good crowds and good riding from everyone.

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Dan Sieg's gogglesOne of the booths by our ramps was some anti drunk driving set up and the guy had these “drunk” goggles that the kids could wear to see what it was like to be drunk. The kids would put them on and it would mess up their vision and then they’d be told to try and catch a beach ball or whatever. So we decided it was a good idea to put them on and attempt to ride. I’ve drank enough in my day to assume that I could handle it. I was wrong. The one pair of goggles actually divert your vision a full 3 feet. So you think you are looking at something but in reality it’s 3 feet away. We didn’t even think about riding the ramps as riding in a straight line was difficult enough. Needless to say it was fun and much of the crowd got some amusing entertainment. Good times.

Other than that… things are mellow and I’m enjoying the time here in Greenville before I head to Cincinnati on the 12th for a weekend of car convention shows again. The set up should be really good, more of a skatepark style as opposed to a box jump and quarter pipe. Cincinnati car shows are always the best of the year so it’s definitely something to look forward to. Fellow UGP team rider [Quinn Semling] will also be there so make sure you make it out if you are in the area. Show us where the good spots and places are! Until next time! Enjoy the pictures!

Dan Sieg's gogglesSiegstaff

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