Doyle’s Trip to Utah

Ryan Doyle goes to UtahLiving in Florida all year round is so nice. Warm weather, warm water and a ton of cool people to chill and ride with. But when summer lasts all year you start to miss the snow, the hills, and the extremely free feeling of snowboarding. So when I was offered a ticket to go meet up with Pat for the Utah boat show all I could think was “Park City”.

Ryan Doyle goes to Utah

UtahAs usual I had to battle my way through the airports for about 9 hours having to stop in St. Louis so people could get off and some more get on; thanks Southwest. I land in Snow, Mountain and Park Paradise, also called Salt Lake City. I spent the first night with Chris and Wes at the Greenbands. They have this beautiful home right at the base of Park City in this cool little community of houses called Jeremy Ranch. I stopped by to see Benny and he hooked me up with a board, some paints and the sick brown striped jacket, I was stoked.

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Ryan Doyle goes to Utah

Park City, UtahWe woke up early and Pat, Wes, Chris and I where on the hills around 9. We started off playing around in the first park for a little while. They had some flat bars, some cool inclines and like four little jumps down the middle. It was a super fun spot start the day and get warmed up. We rode down some back trails jibbing sign-posts, pressing in the flats, and popping off different dips and drops in the trail as we made our way over to the bigger parks. I had a really good time on the mountain hanging with good friends and riding good snow.

Ryan Doyle goes to Utah

Rail in UtahWe spent the rest of my trip at the Utah boat show hitting the over 200 ft of indoor pool-to-pool stunts Pat builds for them every year. For the first few days we had the wakeskate rail set up so I got to play on it a bit and have some fun. I also got to do some morning TV spots with Robby. On Friday we switched up to the wakeboard rail. Everyone was there: Shane, Watson, Ruck, Danny Kevin, Andrew, even Shawn Murry—and everyone was throwing down because the set up wasn’t janky, it was nice and well built.

Ryan Doyle goes to Utah6:00 AM media sessions are pretty grueling but it’s really fun, once the day gets rolling, to jam on a really fun set up with your friends in front of a cheering crowd. Like previous years the Utah boat show was a blast. Thanks to the Greenbands, Marine Products, and Pat Panakos for putting on such a great show. Now it’s back to warm weather, sunshine and calm water… Oh ya.

Take Care everybody.

Ryan Doyle.

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