Dan Sieg interview

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  • Name: Daniel Joseph Sieg
  • Nickname: Dale, PapaBear
  • Age: 25
  • Height, Weight, Stance: 5′11 ish. 190 ish. and right foot foward… ish
  • Years Pro: 5 or 6?
  • Hometown? Monticello, MN
  • Current residence?Greenville, NC
  • Married?/Kids? Single. And none that I’m aware of
    • Clothes(s): UGP… best sponsor ever. Wanted this sponsor since I was a kid!
    • Shoe Sponsor(s): Adidas
    • Bike Sponsor(s): Standard Byke Company
    • Drink Sponsor(s): I wish it were Brawndo
    • Other Sponsors: Profile Racing!! (also a dream sponsor as a kid)

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    Well when I was like 20 years old I won Baco Jam! I have been trying to do it again ever since but that is hard!! Also I like to think I am one of the first guys to do a tailwhip to icepick. If not on a sub box… then on a quarter pipe I’m pretty sure. But who knows… I could be wrong. I feel very accomplished to even be invited on the Dew Tour every year although I dont make finals. However, I try pretty hard and am getting close. Either way… just being able to compete at that level is a pretty big accomplishment for me.

    Dan Sieg

    WHAT’S UP? What’s new? Contests? Team changes? Injuries? What’s your big news this month?

    No real great news this month. Just taking it easy with a hand injury. I bruised it last month and it’s been bothering me ever since. I’m sure if you ride you know the injury I’m talking about… it feels OK until you fall on it and then it starts all back over again. PAIN! Other than that… the Standard video is finally out and I’m pretty pumped about that. I just had some footage sent over to profile to make a little web video with them. So that should be pretty cool I’m hoping. Nothing too crazy… just some random stuff I’ve been filming around Greenville. Currently just trying to nurse this jacked hand and riding as much as I can without making it worse. 6 months til Dew Tour!! haha. I’d really like to go on some trips and do some filming type stuff in the near future but we will see how that comes about. If not I’ll be here at home riding as much as possible with the occasional show for rent money in the mean time.

    Dan Sieg


  • How do you fit into your sport?
  • I’d love to say filming… but no. I’d say I’m a show/contest rider. That’s where my cash flow comes from. Filming is rad though… I just don’t ever get a chance to do it!
  • Latest contest finish you’d like to discuss? Placement?
  • The Orlando Dew Tour… I got 16th place. Which is whatever… but my score was a 86.00. 12th place (finals) was an 86.67. So basically even though I was 4 spots out… I missed finals by .67 points. I was bummed but pumped on how I rode none the less. Did a 360 double whip and a triple whip both in the same run. I just need to get on my flairs and other filler stuff and I’ll be in!
  • What’s the contest or event you’re looking forward to attending next?
  • I’d like to ride that toronto thing this year. However I haven’t heard anything about it yet. We’ll see. Other than that I guess I’ll be lining up some shows all over the country hopefully as well as waiting for Dew Tour in June.
  • Who’s your biggest influence getting you started?
  • Man… this is the hardest question yet. So many people have influenced me and it’s difficult to pick out one that stands out more than others. My parents helped get me started I guess you could say cause they always backed me 100 percent and thought what I did was cool and most of all… my choice. They even went as far as building a skatepark in my hometown for my friends and I to ride whenever we wanted. That was HUGE. As far as riding and progressing goes… I’d have to say guys like Jonah Lidberg and Brian Kachinsky when I was younger and riding with them. Nowadays it’s guys like Mirra and Josh Harrington. Seeing how they ride on a daily basis…. does nothing but make you want to kill it yourself!
  • Is there a single event responsible for you going Pro?
  • I’d have to say the CFB at Woodward in 2002. I told myself that year when it started that if I finished top 3 in amateur that I would ride pro the year after. Sure enough after the 3 CFB’s were over I was in 3rd place. Kachinsky was right there with me. And I specifically remember Aaron Bostrom saying to me “so you going to ride pro next year?” It felt weird… but yea.. I guess I was. haha.

Dan Sieg


  • What was your first and how did you land it?
  • Drama. By Brian Purdy. He was filming a lot with the Greenville guys and he had some random stuff of me. Eventually he had a bunch of stuff and we started filming more to make an actual part. I was pumped with how it turned out. Since then… just random clips in random videos I guess.
  • Favorite (most talked about) film part? And why?
  • Not really a part or section… but an issue of Props. It was the one with the metro jam and back yard jam in Bournemouth UK. I made finals at both contests and got a lot of coverage. People told me they saw it and were pumped. So needless to say I was pumped myself!!
  • Most recent or upcoming film part and details?
  • I guess the SBC video. It just came out and I haven’t even seen it myself. Hopefully will be in the mail today or tomorrow though. I hear I do a 180 double tailwhip!! haha. I haven’t even seen the raw footage of that so I can’t wait!
    Dan Sieg


  • What are the 2 biggest events of your career and your thoughts on why each was so memorable?
  • Baco Jam 2002. I had just moved to Greenville and got a chance to go back home and ride with all my friends. I rode really good and did some good stuff for the very first time. Double whip the box. A whip to ice to over on the spine. As well as a whip to ice on the famous sub rail at that park. I was like 20 years old and super amped on everything. Just like I am now actually!
  • Backyard Jam, Bournemouth UK. It was my first time overseas and needless to say one hell of an experience. I went with Allan Cooke (my roommate at the time) and only stayed for like 5 days but it was awesome. I rode super well and the course was awesome. All my friends were there and it was just really good. I think though what made it most memorable is when Taj came up to me and said “hey Dan, you rode really good.” I hadn’t even formally met him before so I was shocked!! The fact that he knew my name was crazy!! haha. I sound
    like a kid but hey, that’s how I felt at the time.
  • What’s the biggest misconception about your sport? And, about you?
  • Well about the sport is easy…. I think people believe that because we are “professionals” that we automatically make professional type money. That is far from the case for the majority of us. I scrape by with doing shows and the occasional dew tour prize money. However, I’m not complaining because I feel very fortunate to have the life I have. It’s just people sometimes think its a lot more lucrative than it really is. The biggest misconception about me…. I would have to say is that people sometimes think I’m super negative and always mad. I guess people think that or are told that because I am a very opinionated person and never bottle anything up. I speak my mind and am not afraid to be honest. So if that makes me negative… then that sucks I guess. But anyone who hangs out with me for a day or two I think knows that I’m actually a pretty happy person that is always trying to have the best time possible.
  • What excites you most about your sport right now?
  • This is an awesome question. To me personally… the state of BMX is the best it’s ever been as far as progression is concerned. The things that are being done nowadays. Not even straight big tricks… but big tricks back to back to back in the middle of a run. And not just at contests either!! Watching people like Dave, Spinner and Daniel Dhers ride during a normal session. Is absolutely amazing. It seriously can not be put into words. I love the fact that things are getting more mainstream and seeing skateparks pop up all over the place. Doing a lot of shows like I do… it’s never very difficult to find a little skatepark to ride in nowhereville USA. The Dew Tour seems to be doing very well for itself and with any luck will completely take over the X games market. So with all that going right now… riders, skateparks and a contest series all going full force. I don’t see anything slowing down anytime soon.


  • Do you have any signature products, describe them?
  • I have a UGP trading card. Does that count for anything?
    Dan Sieg


  • Just about every athlete picks up a hobby on the road, some have even turned theirs into gold records and TV shows. Which hobbies have you picked up?
  • Rubix cube. I can do it in 58 seconds. Took me like 10 hours to learn and is one of the most fun time consuming things ever.
  • Talking to girls… I guess this is kind of shallow to classify as a “hobby” but anyway you look at it… that’s what it has come
    down to. Traveling as much as I do and meeting all the people that I have has given me the ability to know how to talk to girls! So it is kind of a hobby to talk and see what stuff you can and can’t get away with. Sometimes they slap you and sometimes they hang out! Either way its a fun story to tell.
  • Snowboarding. I haven’t done it a whole lot but a few times while I’ve been out West I’ve had the chance to get out there on the mountain. I’m far from being any good but it sure is fun!
  • Funny story: (We all have one) Pretend you’re trying to impress a crowd with your funny stories/ experiences; which one do you whip out that always gets a smile?
  • So we are scheduled to do this GT vert show in the most remote location of MIchigan ever. We roll up into this town (like 2 hours north of Grand Rapids) and as we are driving down this country road to get there we see a sign on the corner of this intersection that reads something about log homes being built. Somewhere in the middle of the sign it says “free estiments” instead of you know, estimates. Haha! So that was a good indicator of where exactly it was we were heading. We get to this po dunk little town and the population is like 340 or something. They are having some county fair and they hired the GT vert guys to come in and do a demo for their grand stand. Turns out their grandstand area is dirt. And we have to set up a vert ramp on it. Didn’t think it was possible but with the use of their fork lift and some man power we managed to make it happen. (see attached pictures) So anyway… we finally get the ramp set up and since its on dirt and metal… it is super slippery and scary to ride. No big deal for me because I was just there as a filler to give the real vert riders a break between runs. We had just done a boxjump show a few days before so that’s why I was still with. So Coco Zurita and this skateboard shredder dude are supposed to fly in to Grand Rapids the afternoon of the show. Turns out the airline lost all of their baggage and it wouldn’t be in until the next flight which was scheduled about 30 mins after our show was supposed to start. So basically it was worthless of them to even rent a car and drive the 2 hours to where we were. So they just hopped back on the plane and went home. Leaving me, Mat Sager and this 17 year old skate board kid to do a vert show for a bunch of hill billies. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I knew how to ride vert and the people in the grand stand weren’t paying 10 dollars to watch me not know how to ride vert. So we did the show with 2 guys missing… the 2 GOOD guys missing. Tried our best and made it happen. We needed to fill a 45 min time slot so we even pulled some kids out of the crowd and did the bunny hop skit on a 2 foot wide piece of carpet over the dirt. AWESOME!! Needless to say it did work out and we packed up and headed out of there asap! Later that month GT actually gave half of the town’s money back because it “wasn’t what they paid for.” haha… oh well. Maybe they shouldn’t have such a crappy airline flying into their local airport!!
  • Rubix cube
  • What movie do you have to have on DVD?
  • All 4 seasons of Nip/Tuck. You can never know when you will crave a certain episode!! So I’m always prepared.
  • What show do you have to TiVo?
  • Reno 911!, Family Guy, Nip/tuck (new season), and usually MXC. Always something good to watch when I sit down for a meal!
  • What would we be most surprised to learn about you?
  • That I used to be huge into baseball AND snowmobiling. I used to want to be a pro baseball player.
  • Everyone is an expert at something. What’s your specialty?
  • I like to think I’m an excellent people person. I somehow can always come up with something to break the ice and/or make things happen.
  • What’s your hugest pet peeve?
  • Spoiled rich kids that don’t know it and/or appreciate it.
  • Another sport you would like to master?
  • Master? I don’t know about master… but I still am a fan of baseball. I’d like to start playing a little bit. Who knows… maybe I’d have to move back to Wisconsin and get on some sort of bar softball league!
  • Dan Sieg

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