Chad, back from the Panhandle

I’m back from a short trip to Tallahassee. Went up there with the Profile team and [Brian Kachinsky]. There is more than enough street and bike worthy places to make it a sweet trip. Florida is pretty known for sand and no handrails, ‘cept up in the panhandle. The first day we were hassled every spot we went to, threats of jail even. We sessioned two colleges and had access to over 50 schools, if that wasn’t enough, the skatepark doesn’t turn off their lights.

There are signs all over, “no bikes”, but if you’re not a dick and stay out of the way of skaters, there is no need for problems. I actually got respect from a few cause of my Chewbacca-like beard. Hair man, I got some serious hair… he said “if I ever am able to grow a beard, I want it to be like that”.

The first day, this is all we saw!FAMU helped me out with a required roof gap to grass...Funny thing is that this is at the the Florida Lottery building, I  WON!!

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