Brian Loves Florida

Brian KachinskyHey ya’ll. The past two weekends have been crazy between trips to both California and Florida. My trip to California was a bit rainy but all in all successful as I was shooting photos for an upcoming Ride BMX interview. Thanks Povah, Fudger, Z, and Bostrom for a good time!

This past weekend mother nature was good to UGP/Profile as we packed up the van and headed North from Orlando to Tallahassee for some of Florida’s best street spots. Between Chad’s beard, hilly terrain, perfect weather, college campuses, an awesome crew, hacksaws, good food and bikes it was definitely a trip to remember. A weekend was barely enough to scratch the surface of what this city had to offer; I definitely want to go back sometime soon. I flew back home late last night and am clearly missing the warm Florida sunshine as I sip on my morning Powerthirst flavored coffee, only to soon be followed up by a steaz.

Powerthirst! SNAKE EYES!Brian is your new bicycle?Brian and Chadat the airportBrian at the airport

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