Brian Loves Cacti

Brian in Arizona
Greetings from the great state of Arizona! I’ve been in Tucson the past couple days and it’s crazy. There’s a ton of good street here; I’ve been riding and shown around by Jerome and Jake, two guys who used to live in Madison, Wisconsin and moved out here to escape the cold—I can’t say I blame them. Between the ditches, rails, ledges, hips and cactus…there’s a ton to shred out here (I would advise against riding a cactus though, I went through 3 tubes before I realized it was a bad idea).

Here’s a couple photos, most of which were taken using the self-timer and a tripod, including the riding shot! It took me a few tries to get the timing right. Enjoy.

I’m off to Phoenix on Monday to meet up with Adam Baker and KC Badger, should be a great week! More soon….

Brian in ArizonaBrian loves cacticacticactiBrian loves cacti

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