Brian gets his bike stolen by a 9 year old

Hello from the Grand Canyon state! Today is my last day in AZ before I head to Austin to film for props and hang out with Stew Johnson. The past few days have been great; from the desert to the snow-covered mountains, I’ve seen it all in this state that seems to have endless stuff to ride and do.

Drinking Arizona

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Here are a few highlights:

Cactus: They’re funny.

Arizona trails

Trails: I rode trails in Surprise, AZ. It’s been almost a year since my bike has touched dirt jumps and I think I had the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time. Check out my tires, chain and breaks for evidence. Baker’s trails weren’t dry so we didn’t ride those; they looked amazing, so hopefully next time he can show me how it’s done!

Street/Ditches: Between Phoenix and [Adam Baker]’s neck of the woods in northern Arizona we rode some sweet schools, ditches and other random secret spots Adam showed me. Thanks to KC Badger for showing us around as well!

Brian's bikeLocals: Everyone I met was super cool, between the Chandler Bike Park, Glenview Park, and Ray’s compound (which was amazing). There are some really good riders out here and they are fun to ride with as well. The only person that wasn’t cool was the 9 year-old kid at the Chandler park that stole my bike. We ended up catching him a few blocks away pedaling down the street. Yes he was 9, very young and very small but he did get a good talking to by a few of us! I hope he learned his lesson.

I’m sad to leave Arizona but am exited to get to Austin, visit Empire, hang with Aaron, Chase, Stew, eat some good tacos and ride bikes. I think we might be visiting Dallas as well during my stay.

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