A lil interview with Chad DeGroot

Chad DeGroot

  • Name: Chad DeGroot
  • Nickname: It all started with Grott, then funny face, then stretch, then the grand prize game, when I order at a restaurant and they tell me to give them my name I always say either superman or dog, then it went to cracker jack, then chedder cheese, my lady calls me poopie, and my parents call me my brothers’ names…sorry for the long answer
  • Age: 33
  • Height, Weight, Stance: 6′0″, 180 lbs, right foor forward
  • Years Pro: 15
  • Hometown? Green Bay, WI, home of the Packers
  • Current residence?Orlando, FL
  • Married?/Kids? Married for two years with a 5 month boy named Cooper Superman DeGroot
    • Clothes(s): Underground Products (UGP)
    • Shoe Sponsor(s): Underground Products (UGP)
    • Bike Sponsor(s): Versa Bikes, Profile Racing
    • Other Sponsors: Go211.com, Mesh Skatepark, Bern Helmets

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    Chad DeGroot


  • We like to include at least two achievements in your introduction?
  • I actually have four major achievements:
  • Nora Cup for 2002 Flatlander of the year
  • Nora Cup for 2003 Flatlander of the year
  • Nora Cup for 2004 Flatlander of the year
  • Appearing on the Jerry Springer Show (check out the clip below)

    what are 3 Topics that you would most like to discuss and why?

  • TOPIC 1:Team Manager of UGP clothing company
  • TOPIC 2: Jerry Springer show appearance
  • TOPIC 3: Having a SkatePark in Florida
      Chad DeGroot

      WHAT’S UP?

    • It takes a few months for mags/websites to get the story straight. So, what’s new? Contests? Team changes? (God forbid) injuries? What’s your big news this month?
    • 1. Riding for a new bike company called Versa. It’s sweet being on board, designing, and having a ton of creative input on the direction of the company.
    • 2. Signed onto Profile Racing. They make all my parts that I run. Sweet deal and the parts are top of the line.
    • 3. Trying to get some more stores open for UGP clothing. We have two open now with one being in Maylasia. Look out.
      Chad DeGroot


    • How do you fit into your sport? (Films or Contest?)
    • I fit into this sport by making clothes for a ratty bunch of people. Hopefully change it up a bit and make it a little cleaner and pleasing to the eye. Contests are really fun to attend, but not enter. I would rather do videos or photos. Fitting in this sport isn’t what I really want to do. I would rather go off in a direction that feels right.
    • Latest contest finish you’d like to discuss? Placement?
    • Nothing in the past few years. I did win first place with my wife though!
    • What’s the contest or event you’re looking forward to attending next?
    • I really am looking forward to traveling this year. Japan, England, Maylasia, and Canada will be awesome.
    • Who’s your biggest influence getting you started?
    • My brother Todd got me into it. He introduced me to his friends and we all just did the same thing. To answer the question correctly, it would have to be my parents. They never scolded me by taking my bike away. They never knew what the hell I was doing; they did think it looked cool, but never questioned my direction whatever the case. Thanks mom ‘n’ dad.
    • Is there a single event responsible for you going Pro? Or, what got you your start in your sport?
    • I entered an old Hoffman contest in Chicago riding flatland in the early 90s. That was the first time I showed up at a contest and was really confident that I could do well or win. Pro title is weird to have in our sport. There are is a million different ways or views on it. But I feel if you represent your sponsors well, stay positive, and hang, then you are pro in this game.
      Chad DeGroot


    • What was your first and how did you land it?
    • My friends and I have been filming since late 80s and making videos. We have a series called BACO. We are on our tenth video now. But with the internet now, we don’t have any real plans of making a new one. We took all the profits from the video and went on trips and paid for friends to come along, then made a new video. Those days are gone. But we do have plans of having a box set and best of Baco someday.
    • Favorite (most talked about) film part? And why?
    • My favorite video part is in Baco 6. It is sweet. That is when [Dave Freimuth] started tons of new mini ramps tricks, and I started a ton of new flatland moves. Tell you the truth, Baco 10 has a really good section of me in it that when ever I watch it I want to ride. That is a good part, when you see it you want to go out and ride.
    • Most recent or upcoming film part and details?
    • There are a ton of web edits. Most recent is from Tulsa Oklahoma. That place is the best place to ride hands down. Get some son….
      Chad DeGroot, Brian Kachinsky


    • What are the 2 biggest events of your career and your thoughts on why each was so memorable?
    • Winning the first Nora cup for 2002. That was voted on by the readers and the riders. That one meant the most to me.
    • The other event, was telling my parents that I didn’t need to borrow any money cause I made some riding my bike. Their jaws dropped.
    • What’s the biggest misconception about your sport? And, about you?
    • That we are all millionaires. I get it daily. Most people are really interested and excited that I have a million dollars. When
      they find out I don’t, the questions get serious.
    • Misconception is that I do care about what I do. Most people think that I have this care-free lifestyle. Well I do, but it happens ’cause I am confident with what I do. Life moves really fast; do what you can while you can, and if you can smile about it or make someone else smile, done deal.
    • What excites you most about your sport right now? (EG: Events, Direction of sport? New Techniques, Parks,
      Contests, Riders to watch?)
    • I get really excited about taking photos. I am nervous that people will trust me to take a good photo. They are killing themselves and hoping the photo turns out. When it does, it is so satisfying. I really like riding new places as well. There are so many parks I haven’t been to. I can’t wait to travel. This sport is changing for the better each year. That is why I am
      excited each year. What will be new, what are people doing, where am I’m gonna go.
      Chad and company


    • New seat by Profile Racing. Working on shoes, but won’t have samples till after taping. Working on a helmet, that won’t be done either. Sorry. Will do the seats for sure….
      Chad DeGroot, uh oh


    • Just about every athlete picks up a hobby on the road, some have even turned theirs into gold records and TV shows. Which hobbies have you picked up?
    • Photography. I have been around it, mostly on the other side of the lens. My friends are all photographers for magazines or what not. One day I ordered a camera and the rest is history. I did a wedding, shoot riding pics for UGP ads, shoot for a parts company called Madera, take shots of everything. Everything is a photo. I think once I started shooting, the world is a better place in my eyes. I can appreciate landscapes, people, art, and most everything from being behind the lens.
    • Freestyle rental car driving. Having a good skill, while driving mad, is good to have. I have been in thousands of rental cars. You learn a thing or two about cars through the years.
    • Funny story: (We all have one) Pretend you’re trying to impress a crowd with your funny stories/ experiences; which one do you whip out that always gets a smile?
    • I was riding for Schwinn bikes late 90s. We were in NYC and I got a call asking me if I wanted to appear on the Today Show. (this one’s also on YouTube) Hell ya I said. They sent over a limo to my hotel in the morning. I was sitting outside waiting for an hour for a car to pick me up. I didn’t know what color, who or what. Picture this, a limo 5 feet in front of me waiting on me and my bike. The driver never got out to ask or tell me to get in. So finally my buddy came down where I was
      waiting and said they called the room looking for me and that the limo was for me, the one right in front of me!
    • Anyway, we get to the studio and my slot for appearing was taken ’cause I didn’t show. So they slip me in right before the weather. Keep in mind this is all live. By this time I am not really in the mood and they are asking me to juggle while riding my bike. I just kept telling them I will do whatever they want, and I can do what ever they want. We go live and the weather man kinda sucks and is looking down on me. So I am riding on the side walk in front of a huge crowd and that guy almost grabs me and wants me to juggle tomatoes while I ride my bike. So I grab them and throw them one at a time as high as I can in the air and they are falling and splatting on the ground. Everyone is cracking up ‘cept the weather man. So I did a cart wheel and thanked him for having me on and left. It still cracks me up when I watch it on YouTube. My parents were crying laughing when they saw it. Good laugh for sure!
    • What movie do you have to have on DVD?
    • Just did Snatch
    • What show do you have to TIVO?
    • Any Comedy Central comedians stand up. I save most of them…
    • Taxi cab confessions and the Roast of Flava Flav
    • What’s on your play list right now?
    • Bob Dylan, old Beastie Boys
    • What would we be most surprised to learn about you?
    • That I was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin and my parents had a family restaurant next to Lambeau Field and I served and cleared tables for some of the players. Started working when I was twelve.
    • Everyone is an expert at something. What’s your specialty?
    • I am an expert at slamming beer
    • What’s your hugest pet peeve?
    • Waiting in line
    • Another sport you would like to master?
    • Snowboarding
      Chad kung-fu-ing it up by Chuck Norris' star


    • Please take a moment to give us two good pieces of trivia about your career. (e.g. first contest win, obscure film part, or any random career related question that the average person won’t know. Go ahead, dig in the archives for this one)
    • How many Nora Cups do I have and what years were they for? Answer: 3 Nora Cups, and the years are 2002, 2003, and 2004
    • I got in a car accident looking at a girl on my way to work at Disney World where I rode my bike in the parade. The car was a 1966 VW Squareback, lowered, shaved door handles, pimped out wheels, etc. My friend Dave and I were on our way to work. We got out of work that day. That girl was hot, I can tell you that. But it didn’t impress her a bit. How many girls can say a guy got in an accident checking them out?

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